jueves, 28 de febrero de 2013


Sunset .... the people were waiting for her.
Stole the spring and summer burning dominate ..
However, a sharp sword Aarahm ..
Rejects the intervention
Slavery has prevailed for centuries
 and the effects are manifest even in its people ..
Flogging the life of the people
 Shrouding the measure both of the facts.
Lost behind the slogans of wind and a storm ..

No doubt each of rejecting what is new ..
As they own the world shine ..
Only his hands on the heads
Masters of the rays of anger ..
Collide .. Each of thought safe
 and the logic of open source.
 manipulate the shackles of their minds ..
. War drums ..
The anguish and suffering is love.

. Oh! .. Oh! ..
 When these clouds are gone.
. Covering the light to come to Hope
Of world civilizations
 and light in the right way ..
When will we see the Arabic letter ..
Witness of love ..
Before all the West ..
Forgetting times of devastation ..
In the story, written by the author ..
Adamic blood seeking reward ..
To enter the horizon of hope ..

Charge through the years .. great cunning ..
To avoid the pain and tears
and complaining .. do not forget the past,
 present and future she seems sad ..

Do not yesterday ..
We used to hear all the screams of the people
With strong pain .. invents Common sense ..
rise, the Voice of Freedom blows with the bells ..
To save Benghazi and Tripoli ..
Ideologias below in erosion ..

Today, everything is written
 All international laws to imprison.
. Protectors of human rights.
. Denial of the brave and beautiful ..
Who left their homes to clear eyelids.
Elderly, children and women.

. And save all the rides on the whims ..
Proud of all the vain pride ..
Today the victory by throwing bullets.
. Forgetting the dawn light up the sky.
. That was the day in the desert ..
Land of burning compassion ..
Released on
And we know the world is all
day in a glass cage ..
And that science can prove the desired miracle ..
For those who think that the weapon.
. Is the morning light ..
And peace and arrogance of power among the clans ..
Schizophrenia is no longer a farce ..
Universe went from being in good order to join the world order